Literacy Link observed its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2011 and used that occasion to renew its energies in working towards its mission:  to help functionally illiterate adults in Eastern Oklahoma County learn to read.


Literacy Link was established in June 1986 by a group of individuals who were dedicated to improving literacy in Eastern Oklahoma County.  It was incorporated that same year and has a governing Board of Directors that currently has twelve members.  An office was established in a space donated by WP. “Bill” Atkinson in the Journal Building at S.E. 15th and Key Blvd., and in September 1987, the office moved to the new Midwest City Library at 8143 E. Reno, which remains its location to this day.  Literacy Link was approved in 1988 by the Internal Revenue Service to receive tax-exempt gifts under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Since its inception, the organization has been dependent upon donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses.


The task of helping adults who are functionally illiterate learn to read was undertaken using the Laubach method of one-on-one tutoring.  Since that time, several other learning materials have been added, including the Challenger and Voyager Series and a five station networked computer lab with Roger’s Learning Center, Rosetta Stone, Maevis Beacon Typing, and word processing for student use.

We employ a part time Program Coordinator who interviews and assesses prospective students, matches them with tutors, keeps inventories up-to-date, and keeps the office running efficiently.


Today, Literacy Link has about 28 tutors.  A cadre of tutor trainers offers training classes for new tutors at least four times a year.  Bimonthly Tutor Talks bring tutors together to discuss methods, successes, and concerns.  In addition, three-hour continuing education classes are offered four times a year.  Literacy Link adheres to Levels I, II, and III of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries' Quality Standards for literacy programs.